Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grands! Biscuits Moneymaker at Kroger!

Kroger has a possible moneymaker on Grands! refrigerated biscuits this week!
There is a currently a catalina on Pillsbury refrigerated products, previously discussed HERE.
This catalina will go great with this week's sale on Grands! biscuits. Grands! are on sale for $1.29, and are .99 ( and this is the 8 count can, not the 5 count!!) when you buy 10 of the participating products in the Daytona 500 event.
Do the following scenario for a $1.66 profit!
Buy 6 cans of Grands! for a total of $5.94
Use 6 .30/1 coupons from HERE (will need access to 3 computers to print 6)
.30 will double to .60 , taking off $3.60
$5.94- $3.60 = 2.34 and you will receive a $4.00 catalina (coupon for $4.00 off your next visit)
$1.66 profit!!!
If you can't find access to 3 different computers, there are other coupons available, they just have lower values.
Go HERE to print a coupon for .30/2
Go HERE to print a coupon for .40/2
And there was a coupon for .30/2 in the General Mills coupon insert on 1/3/10.
Any combination of these coupons will produce 6 cans of free/nearly free biscuits!

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