Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where do you look for coupons?

Where all do you look for your coupons? I am constantly on the lookout for coupons (I drive my kids nuts) and one of my favorite places to find tearpad coupon is mini marts, gas stations, etc.
Granted, most of the coupons I find in these stores are for snack food, and snack food is notoriously expensive in these places.
This is what I do: I get the coupons, but don't use them then, I save them until I'm in Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, etc.
I recently found coupons for .50/2 Twix bars, and another time I found .50/2 Reese's Eggs. (We LOVE these!!!)
Kroger currently has both on sale for .50 each, so when doubled you end up with 2 free!!
Where do you find coupons? Any place that the rest of us may not have thought to look?
Share your secrets!! Also, if anyone has any coupons they are looking for, or any they want to swap out, you can just let us know in the comment section, and maybe we can help each other out!!
I'm looking for the Prevacid "Try Me Free" rebate form that some people found in their Sunday paper. I would love to have one, and have lots of great coupons I can trade for it!


  1. My Fred Meyer/Kroger has a basket they put all the extra catalina coupons in. On one shopping trip while rolling ziploc catalinas I stumbled upon .$55/1, I dug until I had 3. combined with my other coupons and catalinas, I was getting FREE ziplocs. That was the point I knew I would have completely embarrassed my kids had they been with me. Ah, it's good for them right? just the other day I got a catalina coupon for a free Kotex, I haven't been by to dig, but plan on it sometime this week.

  2. Amy-
    I go through the self checkout alot, and sometimes the person in front of me will have left their catalinas, so I grab them. I found a $2.00 catalina in the parking lot before!! That really embarrassed my daughter- I told her its no different than her stopping to pick up a penny, except mine's worth more :)