Sunday, February 7, 2010

Possibly Free Bic Disposable Razors at Kroger

Kroger has Bic disposable razors Buy One, Get One Free. There was also a Buy One Get One Free Bic disposable coupon in the 1/10/10 Smart Source insert.
This should mean that you will get both for free, right?
It doesn't necessarily work that way at my Kroger. When my Kroger has an item BOGO free, it means you get each item at 1/2 price.
For example: if they have Hershey candy bars BOGO free, and they are priced at 1.00 each, you will get each candy bar for .50 each. This is great if you only wish to purchase one of an item, because you are actually getting it for 1/2 price.
But suppose they have the candy bars at BOGO free, and you have a BOGO free coupon? They will ring up at .50 each, and when you give the cashier your coupon for BOGO free, she will take off the cost of one of the candy bars, which was .50.
So, in other words, you would pay .50 for one candy bar, and get the other free, making you get 2 candy bars for .25 each.
NOW, if I have confused you terribly, join the club. This makes my head spin in circles some times!
So depending on your Kroger stores policy on BOGO free, you may get 2 packs of Bic disposables for free, or get one 1/2 off and one free.
I'm terribly sorry I couldn't explain this better, but I wanted to make certain everyone knew there is a possibility they won't end up totally free.

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