Friday, February 5, 2010

Great Deals on Toys and Games! has some great toy and game coupons available right now, including a coupon for $4.00/1 Monopoly game. Walmart has Monopoly for $10.00 right now, which would make it $6.00 after coupon!
Even if you don't need any of these games for yourself, think ahead. These coupons paired with Walmart, Target, Kmart and other store's low prices make them hard to pass up.
Think birthday parties, Easter baskets, school functions, etc. Many schools now have fundraisers that ask parents to donate items for themed baskets. "Movie and Game night" is a popular theme, and you could make a nice contribution without spending alot out of pocket!
Here are a few others you can find at Walmart:
Monopoly Travel $5.24 - $4.00 coupon =$1.24 total
Scrabble $12.00 - $4.00 coupon = $8.00
Sorry $15.00 - $4.00 coupon = $11.00
Pictureka $15.00- $5.00 Coupon = $10.00
Strawberry Shortcake Bubble Gum play house ?? (I know the name is wrong, but it was SOMETHING like that ) clearance $14.00 - $5.00 coupon = $11.00
My Little Pony $5.00- Buy One Get One Free coupon = $2.50 each when you buy 2
To find the coupons quicker, click on the "toys and games" link in the list on the left.

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