Friday, August 21, 2009

Zantac Deal at Walgreens!

It's Hip 2 Save has found another great deal to use at Walgreens. Zantac has a $5.00 coupon you can get when you register on their site. Just go here and fill out the form, and you will be able to print out a $5.00 coupon.

Walgreens has their 8 count Zantac on sale for $5.29 this week (thru Saturday, 22nd), which would make it .29 ! Even better, print 2 coupons (hit the back browser button 3 times while printing your first coupon), buy 2 Zantac, pay .59 and get back a $5.00 Register Reward!!

Remember that thru Saturday, you also receive a $5.00 RR for spending $25.00 (before coupons). You've got $10.58 just with the Zantac. Add in the $3.99 Softsoap Nutri-Serum Bodywash, the $2.99 ConAir Hairbrush, add you are almost there! Buy 3 12 pk. of soda for $11.00 (Sunkist, A &W, 7up, and Dr. Pepper).

That will put your total up to $28.56. Take off 2 $5.00 Zantac coupons, and if you have gotten your September ALL YOU $1.00 off Softsoap Bodywash.

Now your total is 17.58. BUT you will get back:

$5.00 RR for spending $25.00
$5.00 RR from Zantac
$4.00 RR from Softsoap Bodywash
$2.00 RR from ConAir Hairbrush
$3.00 RR from Dr.Pepper

Spend $17.58, get back $19.00 in RR!!

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