Thursday, August 13, 2009

FREE Jiffy Lube Gift Card or $10.00 Shell Gift Card!!

WOW! I'll say it again-WOW!! Couponers Unite! has listed the neatest promo! Motor Oil Matters has a short quiz to take, and if you receive an 80% or better, they will send you a free $10.00 gift card ! Just go over here to take the quiz. There are only 7 questions, and they are very simple. After the last question, just click on the finish button, and you will then choose between a $10.00 Shell gift card and a $10.00 Jiffy Lube gift card. Fill out the form with your info, and you are finsihed! How easy is that?

Thanks again, Couponers Unite!

UPDATE- Apparently they were only taking 1,000 applications, and they have reached their limit. Hope you got yours!

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