Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FREE Reach Toothbrushes at Walgreens, Plus Profit!!

Have you heard people talking about all the great deals they get at Walgreens, and wondered how they do it? Have you hesitated to try out any of the deals, thinking they just sound like too much trouble?

Well, I've got an easy deal that you can start with, and not only get free items, but make a profit!
Walgreens currently has Reach and Listerine products on sale. They are on sale 3 for $9.00, and you receive a $6.00 Register Reward. (Register Reward is simply a coupon to use on your next purchase.) So, after the RR, it would be like paying $3.00 for the products.

Here's how you get them for free: The 8/2 Sunday coupon had a coupon for $3.00 off 3 of these products. (Can be Reach toothbrushes, Listerine, or Reach dental floss.) Use the $3.00 coupon, pay $6.00, and get a $6.00 RR, making it FREE after RR.

Here's how you make a profit: There are certain REach toothbrushes on clearance at Walgreens for $1.09 (they should be clearly marked-if you aren't certain, get a cashier to scan the price first). Buy 3 of these toothbrushes, use the $3.00 off coupon, pay .27 +tax, get back a $6.00 RR. That's a $5.73 profit!! Pretty sweet deal!

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