Monday, March 1, 2010

FREE (possible profit) Fiber One Yogurt at Kroger!

Kroger has Yoplait Fiber One yogurt ( 4 pk) on sale for $2.00. has a $1.00/1 Fiber One coupon.
Cellfire Has a coupon for $1.00/1 Fiber One
Shortcuts has a coupon for $1.00/1 Fiber One
Download the Cellfire and Shortcuts coupons to your Kroger card, and print the coupon.
The register should take both the Cellfire and Shortcuts coupons off, making it free. The printed coupon should come off as well, which would give you a $1.00 profit. I have never had any problems with using both electronic coupons and hard copies, but I have had others say their store wouldn't take off the paper coupon after the electronic coupon were deducted.
I guess it just depends on your particular store.
I have also read elsewhere that there is a catalina with Yoplait yogurts, valid from 11/02/09 thru 5/4/10: Buy $10.00 of participating Yoplait yogurts, receive a $1.50 coupon oyno.
The participating products include: Fiber One yogurt, Yoplait Delights yogurt, YoPlus Yogurt, and individual cups of Yoplait yogurt.

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