Friday, January 29, 2010

My Loss is YOUR Gain- Great Rebates!

I went Krogering this morning, and was SO excited to find a new rebate. It's a Miller Lite rebate (similar to the Coors Light rebate), with no beer purchase required. I picked up extras planning to come home and offer them to all of you. When I looked on the back to find out exactly which states were included, I found out that MINE wasn't!! I don't have a clue why they were up when they aren't even valid, but oh well! At least they will benefit some of you.
Here are their requirements:
First rebate: Save $7.50 when you purchase any meat, seasoning, salty snacks, deli items, frozen pizza or water (minimum $20.00 purchase) Purchase must occur between 1/4/10 & 2/7/10 and be postmarked by 2/15/10
Second rebate: Save $5.00 when you purchase any ice, salty snacks, soda or water (minimum $15.00 purchase)
These rebates are valid in the following states: AL, CT, HI, IN, NC, NJ, NY, SD, UT, VT, and WV.
If you are interested in me sending you either or both rebates, you can email me at

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