Thursday, January 14, 2010

Any Suggestions?

I need your help !! I LOVE to read, and winter is the perfect to snuggle up with a good book. My problem is this: I can't find anything interesting to read!!
I have a wide variety of reading genres that I normally read from: suspense, romance, historical fiction or romance, etc. I even enjoy reading alot of my daughters books. I read the Twilight series ( I actually had to convince her to read them) and I recently started a new series that she is reading. The first book was titled "The Hunger Games" and is by Suzanne Collins. The second book is "Catching Fire" but she is still reading it, then all her friends are waiting in line to borrow, it looks like I'll be waiting a while. She did tell me that there is a movie being made for "The Hunger Games." I'm not sure if the movie will do the book justice, but I can definitely recommend the book!
Anyway, here's my question--can anybody recommend any authors? I have read everything, and I do mean everything that Nora Roberts has written (except the books as J.D. Robb) and I've read all of James Patterson's Alex Cross books, and most of Nicholas Sparks books.
Does anybody have any suggestions?


  1. I love reading too, one of my best authors is Mary Higgins Clark.

  2. I like her & her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark. Another author to read is Janet Evanovich. She will get you laughing aloud as you read & make every one else in the room wonder.....Happy reading!

  3. I'm currently reading the first book in a series by Diana Gabaldon called Outlander. Here is a quote from Kirkus Reviews: "A feast for ravenous readers of eighteenth-century Scottish history, heroism, and romance." A great love story with a twist! Rich historical detail!