Monday, December 7, 2009

FALL SAVINGS: Coupons to add to your Kroger Card!!

Today while browsing the Kroger site looking for any new deals, I stumbled upon some great coupons to add to your Kroger card!! They are just listed as "Fall Savings" and are separate from Cellfire, P&GeSaver, and Shortcuts. Go HERE and click on the "forget clipping coupons" photo, add the information off your Kroger card, and load your coupons.
Here are a few of the coupons available:
save .50/1 Cottonelle toilet paper
save $2.00 on Maalox
save $2.00 on TheraFlu
save $2.00 on Triaminic

They all appear to expire on 12/31/09. Hopefully there will be new coupons to add then!! I'll keep you posted!!

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